This century was one year old...

Since August 23, 2019, Club Montmartre has been welcoming all gaming enthusiasts in a unique setting. From the majestic main room, with its high ceilings adorned with moldings, a warm atmosphere reigns. The 84 rue de Clichy is a place in which the tradition of the game has been inscribed for more than two centuries.

It all started in 1901 when "Le Bouillon Duval" was a popular restaurant. The principle is successful, because it serves a broth and a unique meat dish to the workers. The broths became the first popular restaurant chain until the Second World War, and at that time, there were nearly 250 broths. The Germans will then make a discount.In 1947, at the end of the war, Jean Bauchet bought everything. He created the Billiard Academy with a Multicolor, this "people's roulette", surrounded by bleachers.At the start of the 1980s, the Cercle innovated, changing the belote tables for American billiards.From 2008, the Clichy Montmartre entered a new era with the arrival of Poker. A real success, which has not damaged the soul of the Circle, on the contrary.

Since 2018, the CCM association, the last active Parisian circle, has been reorganized into a commercial enterprise under the name of Club Montmartre. Owner of the legendary Billiard Academy, Frédérique Ruggieri has renewed the atmosphere of the place by combining Ritz blue and gold.