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Practical Info

Entrance fee

  • Daily entry fee of € 10
  • Annual subscription of € 100

Open 365 days a year

  • Weekdays: 16h-6h
  • Weekend: 13h-6h


  • Cloakroom available free of charge for customers (Not available due to Covid19)
  • Online or on-site tournament registration

Regulated access & Entry requirements

Accès réglementé :

Access to Club Montmartre is open to everyone, provided they are not in one of the following cases:

  • To minors, even emancipated;
  • To persons for whom the Minister of the Interior has ordered the exclusion in application of Article R. 321-28 of the Internal Security Code;
  • To people in a state of intoxication;
  • People likely to cause incidents;
  • To officials in uniform or soldiers in uniform, outside the exercise of their missions.

Entry conditions:

The presentation of an identity document is compulsory (Article 26 of the Ministerial Decree of May 14, 2007). The list of authorized documents are:

  • For nationals: national identity card or, failing that, another document issued by the administrative authority, comprising a photograph, civil status and the holder's signature (passport, driving license).
  • For foreigners: passport, European Union identity card, residence card, diplomatic or consular card.
  • Correct and neat dress is required.
  • The Management reserves the right of admission.

Need some information?

Do not hesitate to contact us using the following form, you can also follow Club Montmartre news on the social networks Facebook and Instagram or contact us by phone on +33 1 84 20 03 20 or by email at the following addresses:

Open daily from 1pm to 6am