3 Card Poker Presentation:

3 Card Poker is an alternative to traditional poker. "Three Card Poker" can bring together up to 7 players arranged on a half-moon table and is played with a deck of 52 cards.
In this version, you are not playing against the other members, but against the Croupier. The goal is to get better than him with 3 cards.
This game is easy to learn and can be lucrative whatever your strategy: bet everything on luck or be a fine strategist ...

Use your instincts and try to win up to 40 times your stake in 3 Card Poker! 💸

The course of the game


Before starting, the player bets on the "Ante" box to engage in the game.

After that, the Croupier deals 3 cards face down to the player as well as to himself

STEP 2: Relaunch or give up?

After discovering his 3 cards, the player can decide:

  • That his cards are not strong enough. He can then pass his turn and the game ends for him.
  • Or on the contrary, he can raise the same amount wagered on the "Ante" box at the start of the game. He then deposits his additional bet on the "Play" box.

STEP 3: time to measure yourself against the Croupier

  • 1st OPTION: the Croupier has no combination and does not have at least one Queen in his game: he is not qualified! Each player still in contention recovers their initial "Ante" bet. The player can also recover the bet "Play", except if the player feels he has a winning combination, he then announces that he wishes to make the verification and the payment.
  • 2nd OPTION: the Croupier has a better combination than the player who loses all his bets.
  • 3rd OPTION: Equality! The player recovers all his bets.
  • 4th OPTION: the Croupier is beaten by the player! He thus wins the winnings according to the payout table.

Results & Gains

Payment of winnings

No combination:

1 X the initial bet

Three of a kind: 3X same value

4 X the initial bet

Tierce Flush: Set of 3 cards of the same suit

5 X the initial bet

Bonus Ante/Bet

If the player's combination is greater than that of the Croupier, and it is at least a straight, the player will receive the Ante bet with the following scale:

  • Third party: 1 X the stake
  • Three of a kind: 4 X the bet
  • Tierce Flush: 5 X the stake

Pair Plus

It is an optional bet that must be played before the deal. The risk is winning since it does not depend on the dealer's game. Whether the player wins or loses the battle, he is paid according to his combination provided he has at least one pair.

  • Pair: 1 X the bet
  • Color: 3 X setting
  • Third party: 6 X the stake
  • Three of a kind: 30 X the stake
  • Tierce Flush: 40 X the stake