Presentation of Texas Hold'em Poker:

Texas Hold'em Poker is, as the name suggests, a Texan game born in year 1960, and today is considered the most famous and played form of poker in the world. This must-have for any poker enthusiast is the most played in casinos, and is played like the non-simplified version, from a deck of 52 cards.

The object of the game is to get the best possible combination of 5 cards to pocket the bet.

Bluff, play, win ! 💸

Game expressions

  • Dealer Button: In each turn, a day is designated as the Dealer (who is given the Dealer Button), it is to him that the cards are dealt first and it is up to him to start.
  • Carpet: bet all your chips.
  • Fold: exit the turn by pushing back the cards face down.
  • Raise: bid at least double the stake.
  • Call: Match the highest bet of the betting round.
  • Check: pass your turn while remaining in the game. This is only possible if the player in front of you has checked.
  • The Pot Limit: means that the raise cannot be greater than the Pot.
  • The Pot: set of players' bets in a single hand or in a game.
  • The Blind: "blind bet", the one to be played before any distribution of cards.
  • La Cave: minimum amount to participate in the tournament.
  • The River: the 5th card of the Board.
  • The Turn: the 4th card of the Board.
  • The Flop: the first 3 cards of the Board.
  • The Board: cards placed by the Croupier on the mat.

The course of the game

STEP 1: Starting bets & distribution

The Blinds:

  • The small Blind: it is placed by the player to the left of the Dealer.
  • The big blind: it is placed by the player to the left of the one who placed the small blind. The big Blind is twice the small one.

The Croupier then deals 2 cards face down to each player.

STEP 2: The first auction

After analyzing his hand, and depending on the attitudes and actions of the opponents, the player has 3 choices:

  • He can follow by paying the big Blind.
  • Raise by betting at least double the Big Blind. If the player bets all of his chips, he announces "All-in".
  • Finally, the player can fold and lose his bets.

STEP 3: 2nd, 3rd and 4th bidding rounds:

For the 2nd round, the croupier places the Flop (3 first cards of the Board). The player can give up and lose his bets. The others must match the highest bet or raise. As for the 1st round, the auction ends when none of the players raise again.

The process is repeated for the 3rd round where the croupier shows the Turn (4th card of the Board) as well as for the 4th round where he reveals the River (5th card of the Board).

STEP 4: Slaughtering the cards:

This is the time when players reveal their games to find the one with the best hand.

The strongest combination wins the pot !