Presentation of Ultimate Poker:

Ultimate Poker is a variation of traditional poker that is played with up to 7 players on a half-moon table. The game has a different dimension from traditional poker since the participants do not compete any more only between them, but also against the Bank embodied by the croupier.

The object of the game is to get a combination of 5 cards stronger than that of the Bank.

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The course of the game

STEP 1: The starting bets

Before starting the distribution of cards, each player must place chips on the "Ante Bet" boxes (initial bet) and on "Blind" or "Blinde" in French (blind bet).

The 2 bets must necessarily be equal. After that, they cannot be removed or changed. It is also possible to place an optional bet on the "Bonus" box.

STEP 2: The distribution of cards

After the bets, the croupier puts 5 cards face down which will be used for the players as well as for the Bank. Then, the croupier deals 2 cards to each player as well as to the Bank (himself).

STEP 3: 1st auction

From there, 2 options are available to players:

  • Either the player announces "check", which is equivalent to doing nothing.
  • Either the player decides to bet an amount 3 to 4 times the amount of his bet.

STEP 4: The opening of the "Flop"

The bank reveals 3 of the 5 cards placed face down at the start of the game (see step 2). Each player can use these 3 cards as well as his own to get the best possible combination. The possible combinations are as follows:

STEP 5: 2nd betting round

The same options as at the first auction are available to the player: announce "Check" (do nothing) or bet on the "Play" box an amount which must be twice the initial bet. He can only bid if he has not done so in the first round of betting.

STEP 6: Discovery of the "Turn" and the "River" and 3rd auction

The dealer reveals the 4th and 5th card.

Players have one last chance to bet if they haven't already done so before.

He can either bet 1 time the amount of his bet or abandon the game but lose the chips involved.

STEP 4: Slaughtering the cards:

During the showdown, the bank reveals its hand, which the players must beat.

Then, each player still in the running reveals their hand and is measured against that of the Bank.

May the best win ! ⚔️

Results & Gains

  • 1st option: the Bank has the best combination, he collects all the bets in the "Blind", "Ante" and "Play" boxes (special case for the bonus see below to see).
  • 2nd option: the Bank and the player are tied, the player keeps his bets without gain or loss (special case for the bonus).
  • 3rd option: the player has a better combination than the Bank, he recovers all his initial bet and his winnings will depend on the boxes.
  • 4th option: If the dealer has a lower hand than the pair, he does not qualify, the stakes of the "Ante" bet are then returned to the players, then the players' hands are compared with the Bank

For the bet square and the play square:

1 X the bet

For the Blind: 

- Quinte: 1 X
- Color: 1,5 X
- Full: 3 X
- Square: 10 X 
- Flush: 50 X 

- Royal Flush: 500 X 

The stakes of the "Bonus" are independent, it is won only if you have a three-of-a-kind or better, whatever the hand of the Bank.

- Three of a kind: 3 X the stake

- Straight: 4 X the bet

- Color: 7 X the setting

- Full: 8 X the stake

- Square: 30 X the stake

- Straight Flush: 40 X the bet

- Royal Straight Flush: 50 X the bet